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Selective Bonding thru Induction

ISB®, a technology developed and patented by BSP, is a room temperature non-contact magnetic induction bonding method that enables various multi-chips and stacked die simultaneously. This is a technology and equipment that can be used in numerous industries in the future as it can cope with devices vulnerable to heat and pressure or semiconductor chip bonding and can improve bending during semiconductor bonding of large die sizes. This is the best solution that can be applied to heterojunction technology, which is the highlight of recent bonding technology


Through our ISB®(Selective Bonding Thru Induction) technologies, we can provide services tailored to our customers' needs and wants in the areas of semiconductors.

Characteristics of ISB®

  • Low pressure / indirect heating soldering

  • Response to heat- and pressure-sensitive devices or semiconductor chip bonding

  • Improvement of bending in large die size semiconductor bonding

  • Multiple chips can be joined simultaneously

  • Selective heating minimizes thermal effects on other circuits in the substrate

Advantage of ISB®

  • Meets tight production tolerances with precise localized heat to small areas creating pinpoint accuracy

  • Increases production rates with faster heating cycles

  • Reduces defect rates with repeatable, reliable heat

  • Eliminates variability from operator-to-operator, shift-to-shift

  • Maintains metallurgical characteristics of the individual metals

  • Can be joined at non-contact or low pressure

  • Local heating furnace die thermal damage written only on solder pad side

  • Improved chip performance due to low thermal damage accumulation

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