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We have applied LCT and MDM technologies to mobile components to provide manufacturing solutions for mobile products.

This manufacturing process is configured with automated inline systems and optimized to meet customer needs, enabling efficient production.


BSP 3D 360-degree Rotational Laser Processing Equipment provides Cutting-edge technology for unparalleled performance.

5W UV Laser with advanced capabilities:

ØPower: 5W

ØPrecision: X, Y axis 360º tumbler JIG for seamless manipulation

ØMarking Area: 110 x 110mm




Introducing ISB®, a groundbreaking technology pioneered and patented by BSP. ISB®, short for Selective Bonding thru Induction, is a revolutionary room temperature, non-contact magnetic bonding method that enables the simultaneous bonding of diverse multi-chips and stacked die.

ISB® is meticulously crafted to overcome the challenges presented by devices sensitive to heat and pressure. Particularly advantageous for large die sizes, ISB® elevates the bonding process by effectively addressing bending issues.

This technology stands at the forefront of recent bonding advancements, positioning itself as the optimal solution for applications involving heterojunction technology.


•MDM® (DIRECT MOUNTING TECHNOLOGY) is an innovative and optional soldering method designed for selective soldering applications.

•This technique aims to minimize thermal damage to the subject by employing a room temperature non-contact soldering approach.

•MDM® stands out as a solution that allows for precise soldering without subjecting the material to excessive heat, ensuring the integrity of the components involved.




• Experience precision in three-dimensional shaping with BSP 2D/ 3D Laser Trimming Equipment.

Our laser trimming technology ensures accurate and efficient processing of objects in three-dimensional space.

Elevate your manufacturing and shaping processes with the precision of BSP 3D Trimming.

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